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Success with Operation Red Nose

Operation Red Nose

The organizing committee for this year’s campaign would like to thank the volunteers and clients for their amazing support. It was a record year in all aspects. One of the really nice stats is that we surpassed our goal for number of volunteers for every night except one! As well, our average donation was up by $4 per ride. This has a lot to do with the great experience the volunteers provided the clients. The spirit on the teams was great and the friendly competition between teams to see who could do the most rides or bring in the most donations was awesome and really paid off.

Many of our volunteers stuck it out until after 4:00 am sometimes and drove to Maple Ridge five times in a night. Because of this, over 1,500 people got home safely this season. We’ll never know exactly what that might mean, but it’s safe to say we probably saved at least one life.

Our busiest night was New Years Eve and we had another record night – 16 teams, 102 rides, 2,421 kms, and $3,292.80 was raised. Our stats for the whole nine night campaign were 556 rides, 14,987 KM driven, 139 volunteers and $17,162 raised for KidSport.

Including sponsorships from the Boulevard Casino, The Gillnetter Pub and the John B pub along with a donation from the Chamber of Commerce’s Christmas Lunch, we should have raised over $22,000 for KidSport™ Tri-Cities this campaign.

This will ensure that more than 100 financially disadvantaged kids get a chance to play a season of sport this year. Again, just one more amazing result thanks to all our volunteers’hard work.

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